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Sergio Pisano Greetings and welcome to my Website. My name is Sergio Pisano, I am a Doctor of Education with experience in a wide variety of roles and disciplines including college teaching, curriculum development, engineering, information technology, management, business administration, and technical sales. In addition, I have expertise in a large variety of technologies, fluency in Spanish, Italian, and English.

From an educational perspective, I hold an Ed.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership; a M.S. in Telecommunications and Networking; and a B.S. in Systems Engineering. My primary research interest is curriculum development, students' engagement, Game Based Learning, and academic success.

From a professional perspective, I have experience in a broad variety of positions and a passion for academia; I have taught a variety of technology and engineering college courses, designed teaching and training materials, created several software tools, managed and hired personnel, negotiated business deals, and conducted technical presentations to diverse set of audiences. I have also published my first book recently, "Learning in Games and Virtual Worlds", where I narrate my personal learning experience with games and explore their potential for teaching and learning in an academic environment.

In terms of my teaching philosophy, I believe that every student is unique and so is every class that I teach, therefore, it is important to always listen and address every situation individually. It is also vital to explain and show students practical applications of concepts taught. Students that understand why it is important to learn something and how they can apply it in the real world will develop a better appreciation and retention of the material. From my point of view, learning should be a personal, fun, and engaging "experience". Lessons must go beyond what it is presented to us in a textbook, while we must always remain aware of how teaching is a joyful opportunity to introduce students to new and useful subjects, encourage and empower them, stimulate their imagination and curiosity, guide them in their academic journey, and hopefully, make a difference in their lives.


Ed.D. Curriculum, Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (2018)
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
GPA 4.0 / 4.0

M.S. Telecom and Networking (2006)
Florida International University, Miami, FL
GPA 3.98 / 4

B.S. Systems Engineering (1997)
Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela
GPA 3.43 / 4

ITIL Foundation Associate
ACUE Effective Teaching Practices
Microsoft Innovator Educator

Publications, Presentations, and Projects


These are some of my students' projects, images, and teaching videos: